16 January 2010

Is Obama 'suprised, humbled' by 2009 Nobel Peace Prize?

In this post I'm going to do something a little bit harder. I'm going to try to show the emotions of president Obama when he announced that he was surprised, humbled by the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

This is the video:

First a little bit of documentation. I need to see how a neutral face look likes. Unfortunately there isn't any out there or i should look harder. Anyways i found this ones showing a happy face, a neutral and a angry one so we should have a pretty good understanding of how his face normally looks like.


Normal - slightly concentrated


Now for the video

1) time 00:00:22 / slight anger shown in full face /

2) time 00:00:23 / masked expresion of anger /

... it basically like this all the movie. He is showing slight anger. This can also be concentration on what he is doing but no surprise or happiness. The reason may be multiple and i won't talk about the truth about what he is saying. Sorry about the poor quality and so little images but this is only my second time and i have yet to master enough patience to cut up the video before and prepare everything. I'm doing this on the fly and i am late as it is.


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