17 January 2010

Microsoft CEO Ballmer - detecting emotions

This is the interview after the IPhone was launched:

1) time 00:00:00 / contemp /

2) time 00:00:04 / false smile /

3) time 00:00:12 - 00:00:14 / false surprise /

4) time 00:00:26 / fear /
* i never thought i would see such a emotion so quickly. It's my third video and to see one of the most rarest emotions caught on camera.

5) time 00:00:26 - 00:00:30 / shoulder shrug /
* i will explain in a later post was the shoulder shrug is all about

I will stop here with this video... i have a lot of thing to do. The next post will contain the rest of the analysis. And in the near future i will start posting a little general information for those of you who don't know anything about detecting human emotions.


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