14 March 2010

no... i'm not dead... i'm just very busy

no... i'm not dead... i'm just very busy... also i need to review my knowledge a little bit. It's crucial if you want to learn to read expression to practice. Either by viewing videos like i do or just walking around and watch people as they walk by.

It's about time to give you reference to the books that i used to learn:

- Facial Action Coding System (FACS CD) <-- A must for Micro expression Training
- Emotions Revealed <-- PDF of Dr. Paul Ekman's book
- Unmasking the Face <-- Also a PDF of Dr. Paul Ekman's book
- Telling Lies <-- Also a PDF of Dr. Paul Ekman's book
- Frogs Into Princes: Neuro Linguistic Programming <-- A PDF of a book by Richard BandlerAlso8.

The Truth About Liars <-- (A documentary about how and why people lie) - hope you have good Internet connection.

09 March 2010

wiki how to detect lies

I found a very nice article on how to detect lies. I will eventually get to making my own article about this... unfortunately I'm very busy at the moment so you'll have to wait.

03 March 2010

About lady gaga emotions and feelings

It's a good time for me :) i've got a lot to do.... people ar starting to ask for my help and i have enough time and good will to help them

A friend asked me to do a analysis on lady gaga. To be more precise she wanted me to see if she was lying when she said that she had a harbl.

The part that we are interested in starts around 00:06:00 .

1) 00:06:17 / there a lot of thinks happening before this moment but this is very important because it's her reaction regarding the important question(are you a man?). It's a mix expression. It's obviously a fake smile, she is masking disgust. Also it's important to notice that she is holding something between herself and Jonathan. It's a interview and we have to remember that she probably knew what she was going to be asked. And it's clear it's something she is not comfortable about. Maybe that's the reason why she look a little off. /

2) 00:06:28 / again her face show disgust. her lower lips is pushed up. /

I can't tell you if she is lying or telling the truth but i can tell you that she is deeply disgusted by the idea and she is trying to mask for feelings.

I actually can't find any more emotions on her. I have 3 interviews:

1) the first is the above and beside the part that i told you about there's nothing interesting. She seems that she doesn't know on what planet she's on but that is my feeling about her(so it doesn't count)

2) the second one is with an old granny and i never seen a face that doesn't show no emotion... maybe a little bit of contempt but i am not sure:
the video and the contempt:

3) a very interesting video where she is brown :) but she is very relaxed and open so no emotions there... maybe a true smile and happiness but nothing else. Here is the link

I haven't finished but i have to dig up more videos.

02 March 2010

First request video David Miscavige Interview ( 1 of 9 )

I finally got something to do :)

I've got four videos from why we protest. This is the first one... and it's divided into 9 parts. I have a lot of work to do but it's ok considering i'm doing something good with my new learned skill.

First of all we have to take into account that this is a interview. If you know something about television it's that nothing is what is seems to be. They probably discussed what the question were going to be. The interviewee had enough time to prepare appropriate answer's and if it's the case rehears and analyze his feelings about the subject. So it should be pretty hard to tell if he is lying about a particular point.

When you start talking with someone his and your body position is very important.
Every little detail in you posture, where and how your hands are, your facial expression(as you hear the other person talk), your breathing can give an observer some clue about what you are feeling.
Bought of them are keeping they're hand's crossed as a shield. It can first of all mean that they're mirroring each other. It's common plus they had a few minutes to talk about before the show began. The reporter is wiggling his big fingers meaning that he is pretty relaxed and confident. David on the other hand is listening very close and keep's his hand's still.

1) 00:00:30 / a false smile. they're two feelings mixed here. He is sad about(or disgusted) about the death of Hubard but he is trying to smile because that's appropriate /

2) 00:00:54 / contempt at the thought that there is controversy surrounding Scientology (bad or good publicity is publicity)/

3) 00:01:01 / he is looking down and to the left meaning Internal Dialog /

4) 00:01:22 / false smile and he is looking down and to the left the same as before /

5) 00:01:45 / a very important moment when we see bought of them. the reporter is very confident. he is holding his hand's in a very upright position(much like people in chard do when talking to someone inferior) while David is holding his hand close to him and very thing much like a personal shield between him and the rest of the world /

6) 00:02:04 / there are a few more expression that i skipped over but this moment is important because David after having a long dialog and remembering something funny about the source of this fact(bad thing about the church) is feeling confident and crosses his fingers. this is a very powerful gesture from someone/

7) 00:02:15 / David left hand is covering by his right hand... it's a manipulator(he is manipulating something with his hands) this is a sign that he is nervous about the fact that there are critical talking about the church/

8) 00:02:26 / it's all about the context. i shouldn't be bias but i can't help it. there isn't a clear sign that will tell you that someone is lying but his expression says it all. the reporter asked if the people are afraid and he is contempt about the people in question... in my opinion he is lying his ass of /

9) 00:02:57 / i have shown this body gesture before. i don't think that he has problem hearing what the reporter is saying, rater it is very important for him everything regarding this subject/

If you want you can point out the one's that i didn't show until the end of the video. There are a lot more facial expression and/or body movement along the video that i didn't point out because they're normal for a conversation.

01 March 2010

about my absence

I should take a minute to tell you why i haven't been that active lately. I just finished putting on my dental braces and it took me a while before i got use to them. Also i've started working on a personal project... that's going to take up some of my time from now on. I have my personal life to take care of, my job and you know just taking a nap from time to time.

My mouse broke, i don't have any money left but at least spring is here. I will probably start falling in love again.. yey :). At least now i know what to look for so i won't get hurt by a "bad girl".

It's the first of march. It's a local holiday here for all the girls.... so Happy Birthday and the best to all the girls and/or women that i know and/or don't know.