17 January 2010

elana udrea is not exactly truthful

She is a politician from my country. Actually the minister of tourism. You can read more about her at this page. First thing is first:

1) normal face

2) just for posterity... try not to look at the cleavage... the face is more important :D

The video i wanted to show you is this one:

It's not one of most importance but is actually very funny. I will tell you all it's story after i do a little bit of analyze.

1) time 00:00:05 - 00:00:07 / false surprise, moving her face to one side /


2) time 00:00:09 - 00:00:11 / a lot of eye flicker /

3) time 00:00:12 / disgust / Photobucket

4) time 00:00:16 / shoulder shrug /

5) time 00:00:37 / false smile / Photobucket

For as much as i am concern she isn't truthful about not knowing anything about the telephone call. And in case you are wondering what it's all about. A few days before this interview on a well known TV program someone phoned and started praising her that she was doing a very good job. The TV host actually said "I have a very good musical ears, aren't you miss Elena Udrea?" The rest is history.


Alex said...

Aceasta doamna, Elena Udrea, nu a facut decat lucruri bune pentru turism si cu siguranta ca si cu acest impozit va face la fel!

many said...

daca o mai prind mintind printr-un film am sa il postez :) ce sa faacem nu putem decat sa asteptam si sa vedem

Marcel said...

Eu nu cred ca Elena udrea minte. Mie mi se pare un politician foarte cinstit.

many said...

este unu dintre primele posturi pe care le-am facut si nu am explicat prea bine. adevarul este ca nu exista un anume semnal care sa dovedeasca ca cineva minte sau nu... insa existe neconcordante pe care le-am aratat mai sus. toti mintim... e uman. evident exista minciuni mai mari si minciuni mai mici insa e ceva fara de care am inebuni. exista motive legitime pentru care un politician ar putea minti(nu vreau sa intru in discuti) insa politicieni romani sunt o gluma... daca tu crezi ca elena udrea nu minte... treaba ta... toti credem ce dorim. dovezile insa vorbesc de la sine.

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