19 January 2010

Explanations and Documentation

       I had a few discussions with the people who can help me get this blog launched and all of them suggested that i should try explaining what i am talking about.

       I can't start to explain and build my tutorials because i need pictures and a lot of materials to illustrate. As all scientific data you shouldn't trust my word. I need facts and observable information. This isn't something new and there are a lot of studies done and i could easily copy someone else's work but that wouldn't help me in any way. I am here to learn as much or probably more than you. Work is the key to success and i need to work a lot to compete with those who are natural or who are doing this thing for a long time. There is a whole system to detect lies and deceit.
       It is generally refereed to as deceit because you can't actually tell if he/she is lying or not. There isn't a clear facial expression for lying. Usually there are contradictions or Freudian slips. For example in the obama post i made i wasn't trying to prove he was lying. It just struck me that for wining the nobel prize he wasn't exactly surprised or humbled or happy or any other expression you would expect. Although i didn't analyzed all of the video it is clear that he is angry or extremely concentrated. The reason for this are multiple and are completely irrelevant.
       Given the fact that i'm half a globe away i couldn't possible find out by future investigation what is the reason for the masked expression of anger. Maybe there weren't any hidden reason he just probably woken up on the wrong side of bed. This whole blog is just and exercise to help us understand and learn through repetition how to better understand human emotions. And if it's the case to help us detect in case of need what somebody is actually feeling.
       You have to remember one thing... and consider this an official warning. Knowing how to read human emotions is like a special power. Don't get me wrong we all know how to spot a surprise face

a happy face

but maybe sometime the people showing a fake smiling face just want's to tell you that he is handling his problems. It isn't always necessary to point out that a person is sad or disgusted. Maybe it's with himself or with something that he remembered while he was talking with you. In day to day communication with friend and relatives it is recommended you avoid or at best be subtle about it.

       Before i will start building the tutorial i will direct you to a few website's that you should read. I'm going to start with a link to wikipedia explaining who is Dr. Paul Ekman and what is his research about. You can find the link here. On the bottom of the page you will find the link to his website. On Dr. Paul's website you will see a lot of reference to a TV Series called Lie to me. Here is the official page. You can find all this link and many more just using google. I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary just pointing you in a direction in case your interested.

       The initial study is about coding the facial movements FACS for short. He wrote a book about this. There is a lot of work just cataloging and coding all of the possible movements yet this is just the beginning to what is ahead. It wouldn't of been possible to continue research without this important step. The next one is determining emotions on the human face. You should take note that this is not the first time that this was researched.

       Charles Darwin and Duchenne de Boulogne both try experiments to determine the fundamental question: are emotions common to all humans? Just a quick reference to Charles Darwins book and to Duchenne work and life

       I will let you read the information i have given you and i will come back soon with a tutorial about shoulder shrug because i have a lot of material and examples regarding this.


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