16 January 2010

first video - explanations and tests

So this is the video i am working on. I won't finish all of the emotions because it's a little bit to late in the night but i will do my best to finish it soon.

I'm running on Ubuntu on my home computer that means a lot of free software for me to work with. For analyzing the movies i use Avidemux(GTK). Just type avidemux in your synaptic package manager, install and you'll all set. You can use the key's 4 and 6 to scroll frame by frame along the video. I have a numpad on my laptop so that is a bonus :). Use the key P once to start the video playing and again to stop the video. I'm not expecting everybody that will show an interest in this to use the above program but for the short time i have been using it it's ok and i recommend it.

So first thing is first. The girl's name is Heidi. I don't know anything about why the film was made. I just saw a few feelings showing very clearly on here face and decided to use it. I don't have a method for getting videos. I'm still in the training stage so this for me is a work in progress. I will eventually make my way to more skilled liars: statesmen and actors. For now i will only show emotions and as time goes on i will go to analyze what see is saying in relation to what she/he is speaking.

1) time 00:00:07 / sadness in lower part of face /

2) time 00:00:13 / contemp or disgust in lower part of face /

3) time 00:01:27 / contemp /
*she was talking about living with no electricity so i can understand that

4) time 00:02:43 / contemp /

I can't do anymore. I'm certain that there are a few more emotions hiding there but i am to sleepy to do this properly. I did so a lot of shoulder srub which is a sign of insecurity. For what i can tell she really does believe what she says and of course i don't have any doubt in the first place. But we are here to learn so hope we will do this in the future.

Have a good night and see you soon.


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