15 January 2010

a fresh start

A fresh start... haha. I wanted to do a blog on my own but it turned out it's simpler to just use blogspot.

Just to tell you a little bit about myself. I'm 23 living in Romania, i am fascinated by everything new. The reason i made this blog it's to help people better understand human emotions. The science isn't anything new. It's common knowledge that the "truth is written on our faces" you just have to learn to read the faces. I'm a big fun of the TV Series "Lie to me" and of course of the person on who the series was based on Dr. Paul Ekman.

I have studied a lot about humans in general. My degree is in computer science but i study psychology in my spare time. Basically i read everything i get my hands on and i get a lot of help from the teachers and friends from the psychology university right here in town.

The detection of human faces and hopefully lie is a recent thing. I'm getting pretty good at this and i want to help the people that want to get to a certain degree in detecting this basic features.


john said...

Pai mult succes cu noul tau blog!

many said...

hehe.. mersi :)

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