24 February 2010

The famous Tom Cruise Interview. What is he really felling.

I recently joined Anonymous and i offered my knowledge to them. This is why i started making a few videos with scientology members.
This is the famous Tom Cruise video which started the move.

* I will only show facial emotions... i will do another video with his body movement.

1) 00:01:18 / disgust in lower face - slightly contempt / Photobucket

2) 00:01:34 / slight anger, maybe he is trying to conceal it / Photobucket

3) 00:01:41 / conceal happiness. he is amused about something and is trying to conceal it with his hand. it's a happiness expression made with the whole face. also he is looking down and to his right which mean that he is remembering a feeling. /

4) 00:03:03 / micro expression of disgust. it's actually such a brief expresion that i can't make a gif to show you. if you want to see it start 1 second before the time and start looking for it until one second after this time. / Photobucket
* there is one more at 00:02:27. the same micro expression it last only 600 microseconds.

5) 00:03:56 / contempt smile - asymmetric smile /

6) 00:04:24 / first of all that is not a smile it's actually a scorn. it's so well concealed you have to be very careful to see it. /

A few things that you have to take into consideration. First he is an actor... and a famous one although talent is something subjective. Even so he is trained to act... that means to fake emotions. And he is pretty good at it. This is probably the reason why I've seen only micro expressions. About the micro expression it's still a pretty bad video so the quality of my analysis is somewhat questionable. I would like to hear your opinion.

This is the first post i will do about this video. There is a lot of body movement and i would like to try to do a transcript analysis.... taking out all the bable and it will be interesting to see what we end up with.

19 February 2010

Marco Rubio CPAC Address - detecting politician emotions

I'm going to show you how to spot emotions on some politicians. I already analyzed a few videos with president Obama but i just found a little video with Marco Rubio

He is almost 40 so there no chance that he has permanent wrinkles that may trick us in detecting emotions.

1) 00:00:43 / contempt - his smile is only on one part - it's a very brief expression of confidence

2) 00:01:00 - 3 seconds / he is liking his lips like a viper spitting poison. this is in general a sign that he is nervous /

3) 00:01:10 / ya.... he doesn't believe a word he is saying. it's a classic manipulator. /

4) 00:01:12 / disgust, also a sign of contempt... maybe he knows that he is lying /

5) 00:01:22 - 3 seconds / he is very nervous. in course of 3 seconds he swallows a nod in his through and licks his lips twice. he is either lying or is extremely nervous for saying such things/

It's a 26 minutes videos which i will come back to after i will finish the other unfinished posts.

17 February 2010

i would appreciate any help

I'm working on a big project in my spare time so i'm going to tend to this blog mainly in the weekend. I would appreciate any help that you are willing to give me. A new mouse would be helpful to :). My mouse is dying. Anyways.. just help me out... if you have videos where you want to know what the person is feeling just send a link or post a comment on any entry that i make and i will get to it ASAP.

10 February 2010

Scientologist Tommy Davis responds to Anonymous - detecting lies.

I recently got interested about Project Chanology and i promise to start making videos about scientologist which is very cool because they're such bad lairs despite what you would think.

This is the first video i was asked to view:

and here is the result:

1) 00:00:11 / contempt - asymmetrical smile /

2) 00:00:23 / looking down and to his left - this is the direction of someone eyes as they "talk to themselves". /

3) 00:00:25 - 3 seconds / shoulder shrug - i've talked about what this means in another article /
- 00:00:30 - 3 seconds
- 00:00:50 - 4 seconds /

4) 00:01:38 / disgust - upper lip si raised /
*transcript: this thing's happen, we report them to law enforcement

- 00:01:47 /
*transcript: from our stand point we are caring on.

To be continued... sorry to leave you half way but i have something else to do tonight.

09 February 2010

Indian Interview - body language

Continuing with this video analysis of a Chinese being interview i'm doing a indian. Again i have absolutely no idea what this guy is saying but you will see the same emotions and body language as everybody else.

The video:

1) ~ 00:00:24 / he starts the interview with his hands crossed. in this case it's a comforting gesture he feels safe that way to the upcoming interview /

2) 00:00:40 / looking down and to the right meaning he is experiencing some feelings when talking. a transcript would be nice :) /

3) 00:00:45 / looking up and to the right - visual construction /

4) ~ 00:00:57 / starting being a little bit more happy and confident about what he is saying /
* a few seconds later he crosses his fingers and places them on his knees. crossed fingers represent one of the most confident body movement that i know of.

5) 00:01:22 / slight angry - the brows are lowered and drawn together; vertical lines appear between the brows; the lower lid is tense/
*it's not a full expression of anger and i'm not sure that he is really angry but he is feeling something important(it can be that the expression is of concentration)

6) 00:01:32 - 4 seconds / he takes two deep breath of air and blinks rapidly. he isn't confident or it's something very important to him/
* you can't see the first deep breath but if you look at the video it's a few seconds before this scene starts

7) 00:02:11 - 3 seconds / a very good example of micro expressions. he changes from anger to happiness in just a seconds. you have to watch very carefully to see what i'm talking about /

To Be Continued....

06 February 2010

Social Psychology - Stanford prison experiment

Because everything is more easy to understand just watching a video here is a documentary on the Standford prison experiment.

The first time i heard about this kind of experiments is at http://cracked.com 5 Psychological Experiments That Prove Humanity is Doomed.

You should start with what is Social Psychology and a few explication about the Stanford experiment.

Ted has a excellent video of Philip Zimbardo explaining what Social Psychology is about:

Everybody should know something about human psychology. How a individual acts in based upon his social surroundings. As Philip said... while killing is considered a bad think in a normal society it's consider a good think when you're killing somebody in a war.... you're even given a medal for this. Human have double standards for most thing's and for most of they're live aren't in control. I'll explain in what way where restrained by our society in a different post. For know it's sufficient that you learn how to act is situations similar to those showed in the above experiments. Please do learn from the mistakes of others and try to not to repeat them.

04 February 2010

Mel Gibson Calls Reporter A**hole WGN-TV - You should have seen it coming

You should have seen it coming. This is what i'm trying to make people learn. It's a video of Mell Gibson taking an interview and at the end he calls the reporter and a**hole. It has some clear indication that he doesn't like what he is being asked. Well you can figure it out just by simply basic deduction but it's nice to see some visual representation of an annoyed person.

This is the video:

1) 00:00:00 - 2 seconds / He slightly brings his face forward. First of all i don't think that there's a problem with his hearing(only in two occasion he does this... in the rest his hearing is fine) and neither with the equipment so this has to be a very important question or interview for him.

2) 00:00:18 - 3 seconds / He rubs his nose which is a classical calming gesture. He is reassuring himself that everything is ok. /

3) 00:00:29 / the same as 1) point... he over emphasize hearing what the interviewer is saying /

4) 00:00:40 / concealed fear expressions - you can see the smile that no problem but it's not a true smile it's hiding a fear expression. you can see the expression in the upper face. the brows are drawn together and raise, the wrinkles on the forehead are in the center. /

5) 00:00:46 / visual remember - eyes pointing on his upper left - he remembering the drinking problem /

6) 00:00:46 - 2-3 seconds / a long scorn - made by his nose - it's a gesture that you make when you don't like something.. similar to disgust /

7) 00:00:53 / he leans forward trying to be in the reported face or trying to be more to his leaved to explain very carefully that the drinking problem happened almost 5 years ago /

8) 00:01:03 - 2 seconds / he takes a coffee cup and crosses his legs; it's a clear sign that he is trying to protect himself from the reporter /

9) 00:01:10 / disgust in his lower face . the lower lip is raised and pushed up to the upper lip / Photobucket

The last think that he does is drink from his coffee while the report is saying something good about Mell. It's a impolite gesture but you kind of get by know that he isn't taking very good to the inappropriate question asked by the reported. In the conclusion you should of seen it coming. celebrities

02 February 2010

no more time

Sorry.. i don't have time to post video. I can't find any that will show emotions clearly. I will probably make a stock this weekend and post for the days that i missed. I'm reading a lot of books now so a few of my time goes on those. Hopefully i will clear my schedule very soon.

Obama Nails Rep. & Cenk Debunks Rep's Lies

It's a very short part of this video in which we can see some interesting emotions and body language from president Obama. I wasn't able to find all the video but i think there are enough to make a decent post.

Here is the video:

1) 00:00:12 / it's very important that he see's who is asking the question /

2) 00:00:20 - 2 seconds / he closes his eyes a little to long... he is bored :) /

3) 00:00:29 / he is looking down upon the person who is asking the question /
TRANSCRIPT* and unfortunately i believe the budget was ignored.

4) 00:00:31 / he tilt his head to one side. it's kind of like when you listen to a child saying something that you know it's a joke or something inapropiat/

5) 00:00:39 / a polite smile to "under democrat" /

6) 00:00:52 / anger showed by narrowing the lips /
TRANSCRIPT*You tripled the national dept over the next 10 years.

7) 00:00:53 / downwards left gaze of the eyes. You can understand what it means from here /

And there more but you can find them by yourself. It's very hard to find so much emotions or inner fight because they're basically payed to do this. That you The Young Turks for this nice video.