24 January 2010

Chris Matthews Predicts Brown Win part 2

I'm finishing this video

It's very important when you start to detect emotions to have a baseline of how the person looks or stand normally. He may have a back problem and walk leaning forward. If in this case you see him talking with someone it's false to assume that he is interested in the person. As with the face the length or deepness of wrinkles on the face determine in some percentage what the emotions is. With age some faces tend to have more permanent wrinkles so you have to be careful with judging the expression.

It's very hard to find normal faces usually there smiling which makes most of the permanent wrinkles disappear.




1) time 00:03:03 / sadness in the lower eyelids , looking down and sadness mouth /

2) time 00:04:49 / happiness in the eyes and in the mouth /

3) time 00:05:28 / slight angry registered by the brown lowered and drawn togheter, vertical lines appearing between the brows and lower lip tense and raised
* The anger emotions has to register on the full face or it can mean something else. You have to take into consideration what he is saying that we see this kind of emotions.
Part of the transcript: "I don't make statements like i don't work in a emergency room if you have a conscience and are for abortions. I mean how do you make statements like that."
We can pretty safely assume that he is angry on the people who say such things.

4) time 00:06:57 / sadness the same as before with a little bit of fear in the forehead. There are horizontal lines only in the middle part.

There are a few more emotions until the end of the video. I should point to two important moments when he beats his lips twice. The first time at 00:07:13 and a second time at 00:07:22 meaning that he is probably anxious or nervous about the statements.


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