06 February 2010

Social Psychology - Stanford prison experiment

Because everything is more easy to understand just watching a video here is a documentary on the Standford prison experiment.

The first time i heard about this kind of experiments is at http://cracked.com 5 Psychological Experiments That Prove Humanity is Doomed.

You should start with what is Social Psychology and a few explication about the Stanford experiment.

Ted has a excellent video of Philip Zimbardo explaining what Social Psychology is about:

Everybody should know something about human psychology. How a individual acts in based upon his social surroundings. As Philip said... while killing is considered a bad think in a normal society it's consider a good think when you're killing somebody in a war.... you're even given a medal for this. Human have double standards for most thing's and for most of they're live aren't in control. I'll explain in what way where restrained by our society in a different post. For know it's sufficient that you learn how to act is situations similar to those showed in the above experiments. Please do learn from the mistakes of others and try to not to repeat them.


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