09 February 2010

Indian Interview - body language

Continuing with this video analysis of a Chinese being interview i'm doing a indian. Again i have absolutely no idea what this guy is saying but you will see the same emotions and body language as everybody else.

The video:

1) ~ 00:00:24 / he starts the interview with his hands crossed. in this case it's a comforting gesture he feels safe that way to the upcoming interview /

2) 00:00:40 / looking down and to the right meaning he is experiencing some feelings when talking. a transcript would be nice :) /

3) 00:00:45 / looking up and to the right - visual construction /

4) ~ 00:00:57 / starting being a little bit more happy and confident about what he is saying /
* a few seconds later he crosses his fingers and places them on his knees. crossed fingers represent one of the most confident body movement that i know of.

5) 00:01:22 / slight angry - the brows are lowered and drawn together; vertical lines appear between the brows; the lower lid is tense/
*it's not a full expression of anger and i'm not sure that he is really angry but he is feeling something important(it can be that the expression is of concentration)

6) 00:01:32 - 4 seconds / he takes two deep breath of air and blinks rapidly. he isn't confident or it's something very important to him/
* you can't see the first deep breath but if you look at the video it's a few seconds before this scene starts

7) 00:02:11 - 3 seconds / a very good example of micro expressions. he changes from anger to happiness in just a seconds. you have to watch very carefully to see what i'm talking about /

To Be Continued....


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice observations. Sending you some notes that might help .
email : anoop dot p dot nair at gmail dot com

1. He is showing insecurity ( the self-hug hand folding and longer blink time)

2 & 3. Remembering the past with some regrets. Its about his career, maybe a slight regret that he didnt try harder to bag more contracts as a singer. That resulted in him having a major gap in his career as a singer in Malayalam movie industry . This is his time of getting back in the game again, at least he likes to think so.He starts answering, "is it written somewhere that every one has to be so pushy and manipulative so that one can get hands on every job available?..."
Looking down to the right - recalling a feeling.
Looking up to the right - visual construction, lying ?.

4. As answer to the question on his regrets about his past, he answers that, he thinks he was fortunate enough to get contracts of the songs that suited his character(voice) and body language . And I think he believes it. Hence he immediately opens his hands from the defensive/insecure self-hug hand folding . Also face shows a symmetric smile with a slight jaw drop, an honest attempt to look genuinely happy about it.

5. He is talking about how a special bond develops between lyricists/poets and music composers and how sometimes some of these pairs go on to become famous and successful. At the mentioned time ( 00.01.22) he sites the example of vayalar-devarajan pair and remembers that they have made a significant number of hit songs together. ( I cant read the real emotion here. There is a "to the right" eye movement that indicates "auditory remembered". He also shows honesty in the later hand movements)

6. About vayalar-devarajan pair and remembers that Devarajan, the music composer, was not ready to let go of Vayalar as his favourite lyricist. Vayalar-Devarajan is a pair that is respected widely in the Malayalam music industry.

7. He is answering the question, " So, we are talking about a creative bonding between artists. That kind of bonding aside, have you ever felt that there was a deliberate effort by any group of people in the industry to deny you certain contracts or jobs ?".
He goes, "I dont think about it or worry about it any more". Thereby admitting that he
believed there was a conscious effort to keep him out. He may be feeling angry about it.
Then he says, "I think Im getting back in the game and this is a time i dont want to spend thinking about the past. I cant let the past worry me anymore . Also im enjoying the kind of job im doing these days"

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