03 March 2010

About lady gaga emotions and feelings

It's a good time for me :) i've got a lot to do.... people ar starting to ask for my help and i have enough time and good will to help them

A friend asked me to do a analysis on lady gaga. To be more precise she wanted me to see if she was lying when she said that she had a harbl.

The part that we are interested in starts around 00:06:00 .

1) 00:06:17 / there a lot of thinks happening before this moment but this is very important because it's her reaction regarding the important question(are you a man?). It's a mix expression. It's obviously a fake smile, she is masking disgust. Also it's important to notice that she is holding something between herself and Jonathan. It's a interview and we have to remember that she probably knew what she was going to be asked. And it's clear it's something she is not comfortable about. Maybe that's the reason why she look a little off. /

2) 00:06:28 / again her face show disgust. her lower lips is pushed up. /

I can't tell you if she is lying or telling the truth but i can tell you that she is deeply disgusted by the idea and she is trying to mask for feelings.

I actually can't find any more emotions on her. I have 3 interviews:

1) the first is the above and beside the part that i told you about there's nothing interesting. She seems that she doesn't know on what planet she's on but that is my feeling about her(so it doesn't count)

2) the second one is with an old granny and i never seen a face that doesn't show no emotion... maybe a little bit of contempt but i am not sure:
the video and the contempt:

3) a very interesting video where she is brown :) but she is very relaxed and open so no emotions there... maybe a true smile and happiness but nothing else. Here is the link

I haven't finished but i have to dig up more videos.